Corporate Social Responsibility


READ ME Printing House has a special FSC certificate – awarded to companies in the wood and paper industry. This is especially important for our company, because it shows our commitment to environmental protection and sustainable development.

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is an independent certification system that ensures that forest products are obtained with respect for the natural environment, in a way that guarantees a balance between social, economic and environmental benefits, and exploited with methods that prevent irreversible climate change.

It is also a confirmation that the READ ME Printing House uses paper from forests managed in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, while maintaining the protection of nature and the rights of employees and local communities.

Having the FSC certificate, we can guarantee that the paper products we manufacture do not contribute to the wasteful deforestation and harm to the environment. Thanks to this, we can provide our and your recipients with prints that come from a responsible, environmentally friendly source.

renewable sources

In 2022 we implemented a system for using electricity from renewable sources. Photovoltaic panels allowed us to reduce energy consumption from the electricity grid, thus contributing to reducing the negative impact on the environment.


We obtained funding from the European Union Funds, thanks to which, based on modern nanotechnology, we started the production of publications with bacteriostatic properties.

The bacteriostatic properties of the products have been confirmed by laboratory tests from the Microbiological Laboratory of the Institute of Biopolymers and Chemical Fibers.

This innovative production of book publications is possible thanks to the introduction of silver nanoparticles into individual copies.